Sharps Waste Disposal Containers

The Sharps Waste Disposal Containers system provides a safe & effective method for the containment of infectious medical waste.

2 liter / 5 liter / 7 liter / 10 liter

Israeli 4501,
British Standard BS-7320,
UN3291 certificate,
AMR approval

  • Simple & Secure mechanism.
  • Quick & Safe needle and vacutainer removal.
  • Leak & Puncture resistant.
  • Sophisticated lid lock.
  • Carrying handle for safe transportation.
  • Prominent Biohazard colors.
  • Maximum storage Utilization.
  • Made of rigid polypropylene.
  • Autoclavable and Incineratable.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • ISO-9002 Quality Assured Firm
  • UN Approved (Clinical Waste, Unspecified, UN 3291, N.O.S)
  • Full compliance with the British standard (BS-7320) and the Australian Standard (AS-4031)
  • Shipping Worldwide.


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